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One of the first spots most people look for great coffee in Seattle is Yelp!®. And for good reason: pictures and honest user-generated feedback helps consumers make informed decisions about where to eat and get an excellent cup of coffee. The perfect place to get the holy grail of all espresso is, of course, at any Caffé D’arte café! But you didn’t need the internet to tell you that – just your taste buds!

As one of the pioneers of artisan hand-crafted coffees in the Seattle area, and a key impetus behind the success of espresso in the Pacific Northwest, Caffé D’arte is an institution in the Seattle, Portland, Boise, and Alaska markets. Come visit one of our cafés and taste for yourself the passion, dedication, and heritage of our coffee. We guarantee that once you try our roasts, you will wonder why you ever went anywhere else!


Coffee and Your Health

There are many studies that have been conducted throughout the years related to coffee and its effects on our health. More and more evidence is pointing to the benefits far out-weighing any negative effects. Here is a great article from one of the most reputable sources in the world – check it out:

Harvard Health – “A Wake-Up Call on Coffee”


Still winning awards...after 30 years!

Check out the Golden Bean Competition page for the full breakdown from the competition.


Sell Our Coffee in Canada!

Are you a consummate sales professional with a proven track record? Do you like Canada? And coffee? Well then, check out this posting at one of our partners in Vancouver, B.C. Help build the Caffé D’arte and Espressotec brands. Quality coffee paired with the best equipment – that’s a winning combination.

Espressotec Job

Apply Direct with Caffé D’arte – Email [email protected] for consideration.


Fully Recyclable Single Serve Cups

At Caffé D’arte, we pride ourselves on doing things the right way, even if it’s not always easiest. Take our Single Serve Cups for example. While most companies provide a recipe to a large roasting and packing conglomerate to mass-produce their brand’s K-Cups®, we take a different approach. We roast our coffees in small batches to preserve our time-honored tradition and passion for creating the best coffee blends, and have them specially packed into our single serve cups. But we don’t just stop there.

We care deeply about the high quality of our coffees, but we also care about the Earth at the same time. That’s why we made sure our single serve coffees are packed in a fully recyclable #5 plastic cup. So after you Taste The Difference® that sets our coffees apart, you can feel good about helping the environment by recycling the cup, lid, and packaging (all produced in the USA).

And we’re still not done! We are the only roaster in the world to offer a wood roasted coffee in a single serve format. That’s right. Our 1949 Balestra roaster is powered by fresh-cut, sustainable Alder wood; a rarity in today’s coffee industry. This machine is manually controlled by our master roaster, who must carefully place and monitor the precisely cut pieces of wood to impart a balanced, pleasant smoky flavor to our signature Velletri® blend.

Try them for yourself today – Shop Now!


And the verdict is...Coffee is good for you in yet another way!

Here is a good article about the positive effects of coffee on your memory:

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Our Training and Sales staff is always up to something cool!

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SCAA 2015 Cold Brew Champs - First Place Award in Cold Brew Competition

Producing the smoothest, best-tasting coffee is what we do. Now, our cold brew has proven itself as a top-notch beverage option that carries on our tradition of high quality coffees. Great on its own, and even better with a Nitrogen-Infused tap delivery system, this is a great choice for any occasion. We have Nitro Cold Brew available on tap; the deep, rich coffee flavor gains a level of complexity through nitrogen infusion that delivers a taste experience similar to a fine stout.

Try it at one of our cafés today!

SCAA 2015 – Caffé D’arte Wins Cold Brew Competition

The Specialty Coffee Association of America chose to host its event in Seattle for 2015; an event that is the largest specialty coffee trade show in the United States. As a sponsor, Caffé D’arte was honored to be a part of the show! It was great to see what’s new in the industry, and to have the chance to showcase one of our coolest products – Cold Brew!


Even in Hard Times, Greece Keeps Its Spirits and Caffeine Levels High!

Check out this article on the Greek perspective on life, even in the face of uncertainty.

We could all learn from this appreciation of the simple pleasures of life.